Program - My Shop Foreman  

We're excited to unveil the new Product Launch of the Third Generation of "My Shop Foreman". New and improved to work on a PC, Linux, or a Mac while using the latest technology. (Android Tablet support coming soon!)

My Shop Foreman is a Total Maintenance and Part Tracking Software that customizes to your needs with a low Cost of Ownership. The application is extremely easy to use and doesn't require a new computer or a lot disk storage to run the program. Take the old computer out to the garage or hobby area and track your items.


Operating System Independent: Macintosh, PC, or Linux Ubuntu (Coming soon Android Tablets)
Easy to use Application with a nice flow and look appeal
Customizable Graphics
Designed to track any equipment type and costs associated:
Street-Machines, Small Mechanic Shops, Farm, Agriculture, Recreational, etc.
Track your firearms collection
Track your favorite hobbies and crafts
Track House or Rental Maintenance and track your costs.
Photo Albums
Reminders to complete a task
Address Book with Photos
Track Part Numbers and Associated Costs
Track all and/or routine maintenance.
Print Photo or Equipment Pictures with information
Create/Print your own Reports
Create/Print your own Service Quicklists.. Tired of tracking down tools and parts to do a job?
Business, Invoice, Purchase Order Tracking

Full Backup and Restore Function


Reports are a more in depth tool to extract data out of the application: In this current version we have “canned” reporting out of the box. In future versions and as potential reporting modules there will be more reporting that can be created by the user specifying specific columns and to choose exactly that is needed out of the program. Right now the reports that are built-in are as follows:

All Reports and Quick Lists go through the preview stage before printing

Contact List -Prints out your Contact List
Equipment Listing Report -Prints out all the Equipment with the option to skip retired
Invoice Report -Prints out anything that relates to an invoice (filters apply)
Maintenance Report -Prints out all maintenance (filters apply)
Maintenance with Cost Report -Prints and calculates costs (filters apply)
Part Listing Report -Prints out all parts (filters apply)
Part Listing with Cost Report -Prints and calculates part costs (filters apply)
Purchase Order Report -Prints out all items related to Purchase Orders (filters apply)
Reminders Completed Report -Prints out all completed reminders (filters apply)
Reminders Pending Report -Prints out all pending reminders (filters apply)
Retired Equipment Listing Report -Prints out all retired equipment
Serial Number Report -Prints out equipment with Serial Numbers
Technician Listing Report -Prints out Technician listing
Vendor Listing Report -Prints out complete Vendor listing

Other options for printing information out of the program is directly from the different areas of the program in the "grid list" or using Quick Lists to perform a work related task.