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Download Your Free Trial or Upgrade Existing Installation.  Click the link below to download your free trial today! The trial gives full functionality for 10 days, after which you can register the software to resume using the software with no loss of data.

Download Adobe Air (Required for a non-internet connected computer - Download and Install before running the My Shop Foreman) Only need to do this once... If you download and install the program on a computer that has internet access, Adobe Air will install automatically.

Current Version - 2.6.27
My Shop Foreman - PC Version Download (exe file format) If there are issues with your browser IE9 or above using the "Run" use the "Save As" option and save the file to your specified computer location and install it from there.
My Shop Foreman - Mac Version Download

If you currently own a licensed copy of My Shop Foreman, download the latest release and upgrade your system. To verify you have a previous version, open the application, under the Help Menu select "About Shop Foreman" to view.

Upgrading to the latest version will preserve all your data. It's always recommended to do a backup of your information before upgrading. Reference the help file to assist with the backup process.