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I own some rentals and this does a good job with tracking when and what I fixed for the rentals. I run reports at the end of the year to give to the accountant to track my costs and write offs!

Awesome product for the price, thanks!

I have been using the My Shop Foreman since 2001 on it's very first version. Now that I have been using and seen the newest software release it's a night and day difference. The very first version was done in Microsoft Access in a very raw form. It did the job then, but it was definitely time to have a better or current upgrade of the software that would work on a Mac or a regular computer. They helped me bring all my data into the new program and I love it. The program is still simple, actually simpler to use and it does a lot more for maintenance tracking. I even track my guns now!

I have a lot of misc. things I like to track and have been using hard copies, Excel and Word to track all of my maintenance and since I switched over to the My Shop Foreman application it does everything I need and more. Simple to use and I'm able to retrieve the information quickly. I track a lot more than just equipment in the program. Thanks!
Weiser, ID

It's been nice having everything in one place now and no longer searching through papers to get what I need. I have a small business that I use the software to track my parts, maintenance, and the reminders help me keep on track with what I need to do.

Heck I even use this program to track my hotwheel collection, I have put photos in for each item and a value. Now I know what I have in my inventory.
Boise, ID